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Community & Responsibility

Triple Crown Beverage Group is an active member and dedicated corporate citizen in the communities we service. From volunteerism to alcohol education and underage drinking prevention, serving Our Community is a passion we enjoy!

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Triple Crown Beverage Group is committed to the communities we service with a dedication to alcohol responsibility, environmental awareness, support of local charitable organizations, civic sponsorships, volunteerism, and educational scholarships.

Our efforts with safe and moderate use of alcohol beverages take on several levels. We employ certified TiPS Trainers to educate local retail staffs and alcohol servers to prevent over-consumption. We promote ID checking at retail with materials to educate retailers and dedicate ourselves to preventing under-age consumption. We promote safe holidays and designated driver programs. We provide access to great programs like Family Talk and College Talk. Education is key.

In addition to these alcohol awareness efforts, we are dedicated to environmental awareness opportunities like watershed cleanup projects, recycling, and water conservation! Every year, our staff participates in these important events. Our goal remains the same; we must lessen our environmental impact both corporately and individually.

Triple Crown Beverage Group also supports over 40 local charities with donations, volunteers, and other fundraising efforts. We work in conjunction with organizations like the Spriggs Family Foundation and the Guy Spriggs Charitable Trust to support numerous organizations and institutions.

Our civic sponsorships and volunteerism are community-wide. We have developed a culture of volunteerism at Triple Crown Beverage Group, with over 60% of all our employees volunteering in the community in one way or another.

Lastly, we stress the importance of education with our employees. Our Continuing Education Program is offered to all the children of our employees, with the goal of keeping our talented youth in the Tri-State. Children of Triple Crown employees who stay here, attend college at one of six local institutions, and maintain at least a “B” Average, enjoy full-funding for tuition and books.

Triple Crown Beverage Group is dedicated to Our Community. We live here, work here, and are committed to making the Tri-State a wonderful place to live!