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Our Story

Our Story

Triple Crown Beverage Group's first operation was founded in Ironton, Ohio in 1934 as Spriggs Distributing Company. This operation was started by Guy Spriggs and founded to serve retailers in Southeast Ohio. Spriggs began as a Falls City and Gambrinus distributor, and acquired Black Label, Hudepohl, Schoenling, Gennessee, and various imported beers over the years, in addition to Anheuser-Busch. Guy Spriggs was succeeded in 1944 by his widow, Faye Spriggs, who sold the business to their son, A.G. (Sonny) Spriggs in 1946. Spriggs Distributing now operates from its third location in Ironton, which has undergone three expansions since 1978. In 1989, William Guy Spriggs became the third generation of the Spriggs Family to own this distributorship, with his brother R. Scott Spriggs.

"We have been and will remain not only a family
business, but a business of families."

William "Guy" Spriggs, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Triple Crown Beverage Group

The Spriggs Family initially entered the Kentucky market from Ashland, KY, covering 10 counties in 1934. This entire territory was eventually voted dry, ending the Spriggs Family's business in the Commonwealth. In 1980, William Guy Spriggs re-entered the Kentucky market as Eagle Distributing Company, when Boyd County was voted wet, acquiring the Anheuser-Busch brands in 1981. Guy and his brother Scott took on Casey Hill as a partner in this operation in 2003. Hill expanded and fully renovated the warehouse in 2006.

Our Story

In 1947, the Spriggs Family, lead by Sonny Spriggs, entered the West Virginia market, distributing Carling. They would eventually sell this business to their manager. Sonny Spriggs and James Pauken, then the General Manager of the Spriggs Operation in Ohio, re-entered the West Virginia market in Huntington, WV with Allied Beverage, a Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, and Hudepohl distributor in 1980. By the early 1980's, there were numerous distributors in the Huntington, WV market, including Central Distributing. In 1985, Sonny and James purchased Central as Eagle Distributing, eventually also selling Allied Beverage as well in 1988. In 2007, William Guy Spriggs and his brother R. Scott Spriggs made Casey Hill, from their Kentucky Operation, a partner in Eagle Distributing of Huntington as well. Casey joined the Spriggs brothers as a partner in the Spriggs operation in Ironton, Ohio in 2011.

In 2009, these three commonly owned beer distributorships began an exciting new chapter in a storied company history, with the development of shared services and the consolidation of the three operations to form Triple Crown Beverage Group. Each of the three operations brought their best practices to one operation. In doing so, Triple Crown Beverage Group has been able to maximize retail execution across all the key measurable areas through an advanced, technology-based selling approach that's steeped in strong retailer rapport, developed over years of excellent service.

Our Story

In 2013, Triple Crown Beverage Group acquired Mingo Bottling Company, a beer distributor in Williamson, West Virginia to its family of wholesalers. Mingo, like all Triple Crown Beverage's operations was a family business tracing its roots back to the 1940's, servicing the southern West Virginia coal region. The Mingo operations were founded by the Gentile family and served retailers in Mingo, Logan, & Boone counties faithfully for over 70 years. In 2000, they built a brand new facility outside Williamson, moving from their old location downtown. Mingo Distributing Company's addition to Triple Crown Beverage Group in 2013 significantly expanded Triple Crown's business in the Mountain State.

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The consistent model for this family of wholesalers remains true to this day. It is the model of a complete wholesaler, not just focused on the execution of business plans, but on providing a banner of leadership for the various communities they service. This means being involved, serving on numerous local boards and giving back. As Mr. Spriggs likes to say, "We have been and will remain not only a family business, but a business of families."